The 21st-century revolutionary album that blends Latin rhythms with Big Band.

Tumbao 21 is making headway in the Latin music scene with an album that pays homage to Latin Big Band, “The Big Three” (Tito Puente, Machito, and Tito Rodríguez) and West Coast Latin musicians, creating a new paradigm for Latin music. It features a 25-piece orchestra made up of the best musicians in the industry and is co-conducted by three-time Grammy winner Oscar Hernandez.

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  • Mike Yturralde


    At age five, Mike became interested in Big Band music while watching Perez Prado on television. In high school, he wrote his first Big Band chart, attended the Stan Kenton Jazz Clinic, and has worked as a freelance music writer ever since. Mike traveled the world for 12 years as a pianist on The Royal Caribbean, entertaining guests and playing in multiple musical genres. He currently resides in Madera, California, where he teaches music and continues to write for various projects.


  • Tony Shogren

    Composer/Producer/Engineer/Drum Set

    Tony S. is a composer, percussionist, and producer/engineer based in Los Angeles, California. He spent time living in Peru and visiting Brazil, where he was introduced to colonial music, and gained a passion for bringing awareness of lesser known music cultures to others. In 1989, he worked in the Brazilian music scene where he formed the famed group Sambaguru, with Kátia Moraes. In 2000, he toured with musical legend Sergio Mendes and Brazil 2000. Tony earned his Masters of Music in Composition from CSULA in 2010.


  • Johnny Crespo


    Johnny is the singer and co-founder (with his brother Freddie) of Conjunto Costazul, one of the finest salsa orchestras in Southern California. He grew up in New York’s Spanish Harlem, performing with up-and-coming groups during the height of Salsa music in the 70s. When Johnny’s not singing and keeping the beat on the güiro, he’s expressing himself musically on canvas. Trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, his paintings combine urban Latino essence with contemporary America.


  • Tony Manjarrez


    Tony M. is an accomplished musician and composer from Fresno, California. He gained an appreciation for Latin Jazz in the early 70s after hearing the blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms with Jazz harmonies on Cal Tjader’s album, “La Onda Va Bien.” Along with the Tony Manjarrez Latin Jazz band, Tony has formed and led musical groups for over 30 years, playing vibraphone and guitar in a number of styles including Classical, Jazz, Pop, and Latin Jazz. He also teaches guitar, bass guitar and mallet instruments.


Tumbao refers to a drum or bass pattern of Afro-Cuban origin. For Tumbao 21, it’s the rhythm that unites Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Latin music for urban Latinos in the 21st century. The music of Tumbao 21 respects the heritage of Big Band and Salsa, while introducing a new musical style that modernizes folk music inherent to Latin culture. The instrumentation includes 15 horns and Afro-Caribbean percussion.


The Tumbao 21 project is a collaboration between four seasoned writer/composers who each bring a unique take and various levels of expertise on music history and Latin culture. In early 2013, Tony Shogren and Tony Manjarrez reconnected after 25 years, and wanted to put their creative energies together for a raw, experimental spin on Latin big band music. They worked online and by phone with fellow musician and big band composer Mike Yturralde. Soon, Johnny Crespo, a singer/lyricist and major part of the Latin music scene for over 30 years, was brought on as the fourth and final member of the writing group. (The team is pictured below with co-conductor Oscar Hernandez.)


The album, not yet recorded, has attracted musical groups including the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Lucky 7. Section leaders and musicians for Tumbao 21 include a Latin Jazz all-star team, featuring Justo Almario, Harry Kim, Arturo Velasco, Joey De Leon Jr, Kevin Ricard, and Joe Rotondi. These Grammy-nominated and award-winning musicians have played in the top Latin Jazz and Salsa music scenes, among many other genres.

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